O Papel da Levantadora nas Equipes de Voleibol: Um Estudo da Representação Social das Características Dessa Atleta nas Opiniões dos Técnicos e Atletas

Por: Rosemeire de Oliveira.

2012 25/04/2012

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Brazilian volleyball teams always had the best setters worldwide, such as William, Mauricio, Jaqueline, Fernanda Venturini among others. This position is considered the most important in the team, reason why we may conclude that physical, technical, tactical and psychological characteristics are very important in a setter. The sample was composed of adult teams (male and female) coaches and athletes from "SUPERLlGA" - Brazilian National Championship. The methodology used was a semi structured interview. For the qualitative analysis was used the CSS (Collective Subject Speech) , a qualitative technical research that is being developed in the Health Area since 1997 and that is helpful for any study involving thinking, altitude, feeling, social representation, beliefs, expressed by verbal speech. The answers computing (collective thinking as qualitative addition) was applied at this time, and consists of joining the same sense answers as well as the incidence of the central idea occurrence in the study. Among all the questions made in this presentation one carne up: 11 What would be the most important characteristics (physical, technical, tactical and psychological) that a setter must have to acquire a high performance profile and reach a National team? "

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