Olympic education: book development (for teaching students aged 16-18) in regard to olympic idea, olympic movement and olympic games

Por: Herbert Haag e Martin Holzweg.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The Olympic Games, based on the Olympic idea and part of the Olympic movement have a very high degree of publicity and generate a lot of interest all around the world.
School is supposed to prepare for life and therefore Olympic education is important in order to equipe young people with enough knowledge for the development of own judgement ability also in regard to Olympic issues.


The used research method is descriptive. The data base was literature and documents in regard to Olympic issues. The technique of data collection was content collecting, the technique of data analysis hermeneutical - oriented.


For the book 20 teaching units are available for each the cognitive, affective, and motor domain. The information of all 60 units is structured according to a category system.
In an appendix 10 proposals are developed for excursions in relation to Olympic issues.

Discussion/ Conclusions

Within this project of the development of instructional material it became obvious, that a book for Olympic education can be developed on the described basis. A next step is now the field testing of the book in regard to the acceptance by students and p.e. teachers. Supported by this book it may be possible to lay a sound knowledge basis for a better understanding in regard to the complex phenomenon of sport, especially in its Olympic foundations.


[1]. Mainly material related to IOC and NOC for Germany.
[2]. Kaulitz, B. & Haag, H. (Red.) (2001). Olympische Idee - Olympische Bewegung - Olympische Spiele. Kiel: ISS.



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