Olympic honor program and analysis of chinese professional sports objectives running principle

Por: Wen-guang Cheng.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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<Olympic Honor Program> is designed as a framework to monitor the athletic sports by Chinese government, which displays the guidance and all-sector coordination. we could make necessary adjustments and solve the new problems in time in the process of project, which makes sure that the project will be carried out in a correct direction. With market economical development and sports popularity worldwide, it is very significant to develop Chinese professional sports and run it in the healthy, fast and standard direction under the guidance of <Olympic Honor Program>
Methods Investigation documentary logical analysis


Firstly, Chinese government reconfirms the "National Participation " policy for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The policy is put forward to exert the superiority of the socialist system. The central government has the capability and authority to put together the respective advantages of other provinces for one target. China will tap and utilize a wide range of sports potential. Secondly, sports market in China in terms of service and culture is becoming bigger and bigger. Consciousness and level in sports consumption are rising. This new environment makes athletic sports possible as a profession. The rapid development of market economy gives an opportunity for athletic sports which can develop itself. Thirdly, Club system has been founded and tried out in football, basketball and other events. Almost every team is administrated by the government of different levels, who are entitled to management of personnel and training facilities. After individuals or enterprises invest a sum of money on a club, subsequent various contradictions posed by the ownership of the club will emerge slowly. Many clubs lack management talents and there are not enough experienced brokers and perfect regulations in our country. Fourthly, professional sports in China is under construction. Sports personnel are pursuing a good environment suitable for its development. Professional sports combines competitions and benefits. It stimulates potentials of coaches and players, guarantees their lives as well as extends the sports lives. The government does not have to invest a large sum of money on professional sports. Finally, The ownership of clubs is decided; Ensure the principal status of professional sports clubs ; Perfect the managements of professional sports clubs; Perfect the laws and regulations.


1. <Olympic Honor Program> is not just a symbol of national power but a strategic change in management of Chinese athletic sports.2. The Olympic Games are certain to quicken Chinese professional sports.3. developing professional sports is a problem that concerns by the world.4. professional sports is one of market economy.5. Seek help from the "National Participation " policy and <Olympic Honor Program>.


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