On extracurricular physical exercise behavior of college students in china

Por: Ji Zhi Chen, Ke Yi Ji e Sheng Chang.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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This paper is a dissertation. Having great academic value and potential social benefits, the research on the extracurricular physical exercise behavior can help influence the physical exercise behavior, bring it closer to the anticipated target. The dissertation studies college students’ extracurricular physical exercise behavior fron Prochaskah & diclemen’ Trans-theoretical Model of Behavior.


This research, based on 8159 questionnaires which covered 67 colleges and universities in 29 provincies and cities of China, with the application of bibliographical researches, expert consultations and statistical analyses ( Optimal Scaling regression, Categorical Principal Components Analysis and so on). Assisted by index clues from CNKT and the other various data banks and university libraries, it takes full advantage of the previous relevant outcomes in the fields such as behavioral science, Physical Education science and psychology. More than 40 experts and professors from the Physical Education departments of all levels have been consulted for wide feedbacks on the topic, introductory report, questionnaire and the results.


This research comes up with more than 1.15 millions of valid sample statistics. By way of Optimal Scaling regression and Scaling Analysis, this research either proves or reveals two hypothesis which have not yet publicized or proven with statistics.

Discussion/ Conclusions

1.Peer Pressure exists in college Students’ extracurricular physical exercise behavior.
2.Mental experience is a major influential factor.
3.The exposure of the Physical Education information from Media is related to the behaviors. So do the gymnastics and equipment.
4.The average living cost and leisure time are not very important. Scarcity of spare time is not an important factor.



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