On function of physical education in 21st century

Por: Feng Yan, Ji Yuan, Lei Yuan, Qing Yu e Xia Liu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The new century is a knowledge society. In the new economic century, the key factor for a country to stand in the world is to command more knowledge, own many talented people, especially the ability of bring forth the new ideas and technology. It is put forward that deepen the education reform and carry out the quality education, and idea of health first in 1999, at the 3rd educational conference in China. So college PE must deepen the reform, give full play to its function and living better and develop better.


Documental data method, practical method, logic analysis method are used in this paper.


1 Function of college PE
Function of college PE means the duty and the function of college PE education. It refers to what college PE does and what should it do.
2 Intension of college PE
College PE is one of the most important parts of higher education in China. It is one of the ways to accomplish the purpose of higher education in China. It includes the concept, idea, purpose and task of college PE.
3 What is the function of 21 the century?
(1)Through PE educate students, and teaching while learning, and foster the all-around way socialist builders.
(2)Through PE, strengthen the students’ physique, improve their health and finish their study in college.
(3)Through PE let the students know lifelong sports
(4)Through PE there will have more social PE inspectors
(5)Through PE there will be more excellent athletes

Discussion/ Conclusions

Making sure the function of college PE and the duty and function of college PE, the above five parts show the function of college PE in 21st century. Under the certain circamastanses, we should keep the time and develop our college PE.

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