On main position in pe and the quality education

Por: Ji Yuan, Lei Yuan, Lin Yuan, Qing Yu e Xia Liu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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This paper aims at constructing a teaching pattern, teaching method and teaching structure that based on students it provides the theoretical evidence for PE teachers to change their ways of thinking and practice quality education.


The methods in this paper are: document data method, the classroom experiment, logic analyzes method and so on.


Classroom teaching is the central part and basic formation of PE practicing the quality education, it must build a PE teaching pattern which is based on students, construct a PE teaching method that suit students, establish a PE construct mainly for students. This is the key for PE to realize quality education.

Discussion/ Conclusions

1 Build a PE lesson pattern, which is based on students
PE lesson pattern, it is under a certain PE teaching method and teaching theory and then builds the basic structure and the framework of all kinds of teaching activities. Teaching is the center of traditional teaching, their aim was to teach knowledge, due to the bondage of the traditional teaching pattern, students are being criticized and in a passive position. A lot of active students become inanimate; the potential of students can’t be developed. So we must break the traditional PE teaching pattern, build a PE teaching pattern that can follow the develop, emphasis the main position of students, carry forward quality education, and pave a new way for talent.
2 Construct a PE teaching method that students are willing to accept
PE teaching method, it means the students follow the teachers. For studying, procedure, course, order, and fashion etc. Teaching plays an important role on control, impair, guide, demonstrate, explain, generalize etc. Study plays a role of purpose, progress. Teaching and learning are connecting with each other, when there is a method of teachers, there will be a homologous way of studying. In order to build a certain way of study. We must take a homologous way of teaching, construct a new way of teaching based on students, firstly, it must insist the dialectic union of internal and external cause, that is students and teachers, secondly it must insist on taking teaching and learning together, thirdly, according to the aim of teaching based on the content, take the way of teaching as center, the main line is teaching organization .The head is the teaching strategy, and finally, we must have a scientific choice, advisable combination ,and correct application.
3 Establish a quality education teaching that based on students
Classroom teaching is the central and the basic part of PE. Traditional PE teaching has some shortages: just value knowledge but ignore the way; value technique but ignore quality; value examination but ignore practice; value take but ignore renew. These shortages discourage the reform of PE teaching, so it must break the restrain of the traditional class, which is based on only teachers, we have to establish a new construction, put the ability method as an important part.
1). Teaching through the teachers as guiders
2). Teaching flexibility
3). Teaching in modern ways
4). Teaching method diversity


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