Opportunities and challenges c the considerations on the 4th east asian games hosted by macao

Por: Leong Hung Po.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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From the experiences of hosting large international multisport games in resent years, we can conclude that hosting these games will bring huge society effect and financial benefit for the host countries, areas and cities. In 2005, Macao will host the 4th East Asian Games which is the largest regional multisport event ever been held in Macao. Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) government will provide huge financial and human resources for the 4th East Asian Games. Now outside people and Macao people pay attention to the focus that whether hosting the Games will redound to the huge society effect and financial benefit to the Macao SAR. In present study, we analyze and consider the opportunities and challenges produced by hosting 4th East Asian Games. We hope the research results can provide some references and revelation for the development of Macao society and sports.


Using the methods of literature material, investigation and observation, the present study explored the effect of large international multisport games on the Asian area large multisport games and how to absorbed successful experience. The present study also combined the political, financial and cultural actuality in Macao SAR to consider the concerning issues.


The research results were showed as following:
1. Opportunities related the 4th East Asian Games hosted in Macao
Hosting the 4th East Asian Games in Macao should study the successful experiences of the Olympic Games and other large sports games. The 4th East Asian Games is forecasted to bring many opportunities and produce huge society effect and financial benefit. The opportunities related the 4th East Asian Games include:
(1) Enhancing the international status of Macao SAR
(2) Promoting the communication and understanding between different society
(3) Promoting the Macao residents’ ownership and civic awareness
(4) Promoting city construction of Macao
(5) Promoting the development of competitive sports of Macao
(6) Promoting Macao residents’ sport, cultural and educational level
(7) Promoting the development of Macao tourism sector and other related sector
2. Challenges related the 4th East Asian Games hosted in Macao
We learned that every event had two opposite aspects from the experience of hosting the Olympic Games. Macao 2005 4th Asian Games will also face some challenges. These challenges include:
(1) Low level of Macao competitive sports development
(2) The uncompleted mechanism of athlete talents cultivation and appointment
(3)Unbalance between business, education and culture development

Discussion / Conclusions

We learned many valuable experiences by surveying the international large multisports games. Meanwhile, we considered the society development actuality and forecasted that Macao SAR was facing the financial, cultural, diplomatic and sports opportunities brought by the 4th East Asian Games. The 4th East Asian Games also bring challenges and Macao people should be of one mind to conquer these challenges.


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