Personalites characteristics of male and female athletes engaged in masculine and femimime events

Por: Igor P. Volkov e Natalia S. Tsikunova.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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There are events represented stereotyped image of masculinity √ a strong, an asperity, for instance different kind of wrestling, combats and image of femininity in which an emotional, a clemency are needed, for example figure skating, ballroom dancing. Male and female athletes are practiced in these events very successfully. The main aim of our investigation was to find out if the engage of masculine or feminine events lead to stereotyped behavior and gender related traits of personality both men and women. 107 athletes engaged in masculine (different kind of wrestling; 31 men, 28 women) and feminine (figure skating, ballroom dancing, aerobic; 21 men, 27 women) events were investigated by Kettells 16-PE, S. Bems questionnaire and form for gender stereotypes observation. Women engaged in masculine events are more virile (I; p < 0,001), less anxiety (O; p < 0,01) then matching with women engaged in feminine events. Women in both feminine and masculine events have an androgen type of the person, but women in feminine events have more feminine features in androgen type (p < 0,05). Women engaged in feminine events are more gender stereotyped then women engaged in masculine (p < 0,05). There arent significant differences in personalities traits between men specialized in masculine and feminine events. But men engage in feminine events have more stereotyped viewpoints at roles of men and women (p < 0,05). Men in both masculine and feminine events have more stereotyped viewpoints at gender’s roles of then women of these specializations (p < 0,05). Thus, engaged in feminine events led to more gender stereotyped both men and women. Sport increases mens gender stereotypes more then womens. As a whole, sport forms an androgen type of the person both men and women, several traits are determined of sport specialization.






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