Pesquisa Mundial Sobre Educação Física Escolar. Relatório Final 2013


UNESCO. 2014

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This joint UNESCO-NWCPEA Project comprised a World-wide Physical Education Survey to inform the development of benchmark Indicators on Quality Physical Education (QPE) in schools and Quality Physical Education Teacher Education/Training (QPETE/T) in provider institutions as well as principles of a Physical Education Basic Needs Model. The Project was in line with a CIGEPS’ mandate to ameliorate physical education policy and delivery around the world. The Survey adopted a multi-method/pluralistic approach to data generation from a range of sources including a specifically designed structured Survey questionnaire translated into officially used UNESCO and several other languages seeking quantitative and qualitative data, as well as information derived from recent and current international, continental regional and national physical education-related studies. The questionnaire was distributed to UNESCO Member States’ National Commissions and to physical education/school sport-related personnel including government-level officials through higher education academics and professionals to school-based practitioners (physical education specialist and ‘generalist’ teachers responsible for teaching physical education in schools) by institutional and personal networks. The Survey was underpinned by a comprehensive literature review that drew from a wide range of primary and secondary sources. Data were generated for 232 countries/autonomous regions (Africa 43, Asia 23, Europe 57, Latin America 23, Middle East 14, North America 61 and Oceania 11).

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