Physical Activity And Breast Cancer Prevention: Relevant For Newly Industrialized Countries?

Por: I-min Lee.

Revista Brasileira Atividade Física & Saúde - v.14 - n.2 - 2009

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In recent years, there has emerged a substantial body of evidence collectively showing that physical activity is inversely related to the risk of developing breast cancer, particularly post-menopausal breast cancer. The data come primarily from observational epidemiologic studies (more than 60 such studies), with the inverse association being supported by biologically plausible mechanisms suggested from basic science and animal studies, as well as experimental studies in humans. These mechanisms include changes in menstrual cycles and sex steroid hormones; reductions in body weight, with concomitant favorable changes in sex steroid hormones, sex-hormone binding globulin, insulin-like growth factors, insulin ensitivity and glucose levels, and infl ammation; and improved immune function.


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