Prática Segura e Eficiente na Educação Física e Esportes Para Crianças

Por: Central Bedfordshire Council.

53 páginas. Central Bedfordshire Council. 2003

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Welcome to the latest edition of Central Bedfordshire Council’s ‘Physical Education and Sport - Safety and Good Practice’ booklet written to complement the eighth edition of ‘Safe Practice in Physical Education and Sport’, published by the Association of Physical Education (afPE).

The principles set out in this document are relevant to other areas of Children’s Services, and all those involved in the delivery of physical activity in such contexts should be able to apply the guidance provided to their own circumstances.

Included are sections relating to safe teaching and essential learning principles, underpinned by safe management principles. These sections are important reading for all those who teach or coach the subject and those with overall responsibility such as Headteachers and Governors.

The afPE handbook lists relevant case law throughout.

Safe practice in physical education should be an integral feature of all aspects and in all phases of education, from the very early years of playgroup and reception through to adult, further and higher education.

Every tragedy or accident that occurs serves to highlight the importance of safe practice and the need to learn lessons and to adopt procedures that will minimise the likelihood of such incidents. More importantly, careful forethought and preparation will help to prevent such occurrences.

Teachers, lecturers, coaches and others in positions of responsibility have a duty of care for those in their charge to ensure that planning and implementation include recognition of safety as an important element.

All establishments should have copies of the following publications
'Safe Practice in Physical Education and Sport', 2012, eighth edition, published on
behalf of the Association for Physical Education (afPE)
'Physical Education and Sport - Safety and Good Practice' Central Bedfordshire
Council Policy and Guidance. September 2013. (This document). (Available from
the Schools Portal)

‘Safe Practice in School Swimming,' Policy, Regulations and Guidance Central Bedfordshire Council. June 2011. (Available from the Schools Portal) ‘Educational Visits & Journeys: Legislation and Guidance’- July 2012. (Available from the Schools Portal and from the EVOLVE site)

Guidance on the use of ‘Adults other than teachers supporting learners in physical education and school sport’ Central Bedfordshire Council. (Spring 2008.) It is essential that copies of the policy documents listed above are available for all staff to access.

Wherever 'staff' is referred to in this document, it includes qualified teachers, youth workers, all support staff, lecturers, peripatetic employees, AOTTs (coaches and instructors) and others who are employed in a professional capacity by the establishment.

Where the terms 'young people/person' are mentioned in this document, it may also mean pupil or student.

Where the word Headteacher is used it includes Principals, Wardens, Community Education Managers, Heads of Centre and Adult Education Managers.

Where the title Physical Education Co-ordinator is used it includes Head of Department, Subject leader/co-ordinator, Primary Link Teacher (PLT) Where parent is used it also includes carers and legal guardians Physical Education and Sport is referred to as PES

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