Probing into the teaching quality of youngsters physical activity outside school

Por: Hao-min Jin.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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As we know that physical activity outside school is one of favorite sporting forms for teen-ages. Yet what about the teaching quality of physical activity will directly affect youngster’s healthy growth, as well as concerning with their all-round development on physically and mentally healthy.
Both pupils and students should take part in One-hour physical activity on campus every day, which stipulated and proclaimed in writing by the State Education Commission. On purpose to assure young of having enough time to join kind activities after class, to develop their fitness health, and to form a good habit. However One-hour each day which had been put into effect by schools has a few problems including its timing and its teaching forms.


There are 49 primary schools taking 56.9%, about 37 middle schools taking 43%, and 86schools in all in Chang-ning District, Shanghai city zone.

References, investigations and statistics fell together. During the investigation and study, 172 share of questionnaire had been dealt out to the school leaders under the jurisdiction, and its effective rate of recovery up to 92.3% finally.


1. Widely low-rising for teaching quality of physical activity outside class
The research findings that the actual teaching quality of sport classes was in widely low-rise. As well as the physical activity outside class did. Mainly putting up two aspects, one is luck of activity time, the other is luck of rich and colorful physical activity forms.
1.1.Luck of time for One-hour each day physical activity to most students
The analysis pointed out that there is a trend that along with young’ grades heighten, the number of students who participating in sport class, physical activity outside class and some groups of sport fan was yet reducing, and both curves are apart evidently. When mid-semester and final examinations approaching, PE class and physical activity will be much more replaced easily by other subjects. The conflict happening at high-grade will be warm work between PE teaching and cultural curriculums. For example, the pupils spending over three hours to finish homework after school had 21.2%, the students in junior high school spending over three hours had 68.6%, and the students in senior high school had 71.3%. As a great contrast, the pupils frequently were participating in physical activity after class only had 42%, the junior students 38.1% and the senior students 27.3% in our mass sample.
1.2. luck of rich and colorful physical activities outside class
Owing to this reason the existing sport games and teaching activities are difficult to attract numerous pupils and students to join. The result showed that not only in primary schools but also in middle schools are all in lower activity crowd in the playgrounds, stadiums and gymnasiums after school. The boys and girls who regularly participate in physical activity outside class and sport training may be less a half of whole students investigated. By all appearances, the youngsters have not satisfied with those traditional PE teaching and the activities, they long for learning much more knowledge and skill to content to their invigoration. But the information just belongs to beyond class and textbooks, such as recreational sport, field sport, fitness health, health care, and the thought of lifetime and so on.
2. Proposing rich and colorful physical activities outside class
A better activity design for the teaching and learning after school should considerate the characteristics of youngster’ body and mind as well as their interests. In teaching we may carry out some modern, moderate, excellent and multifunctional education idea. In evaluating we put into practice some science, effective, handy and applied physical activities. Suchlike:
 Opening up a share-place in community for physical activity outside class.
 Consolidating a cognitive idea for physical activity outside class.
 Spreading a good many forms for physical activity outside class.
 Forming a new atmosphere for physical activity outside class.
 Setting up a little team for physical activity outside class.

Discussion/ Conclusions

In order to release youngsters from overmuch textbooks and homework after school, we should design much more various activities outside class with rich and colorful to attract young to join.






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