Protection for educational psychological environment of sports team and research on optimization construction

Por: Huiran Luo, Jian Wang, Li Xue, Yi Long e Yueying Tang.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Olympic spirit stresses on higher,faster and better sports game spirit.It is a fact that most athietes live, study,receive trainings and matches in a team from their later childhood to youth, so they really need the protection of collective psychological environment and optimization construction of psychological environment to promote the healthy physical and psychological growth of individuals,the trainer also need a healthy psychological environment to influence the athietes. The bilateral relationship between teaching and studying varies to some degree in internal and external environment of living, study, trainings and matches, particularly in different international and national matches and before of after the matches,Under different dynamic emergency circumstances and prompt psychological transform and adjustment, it has especially high requirements for protection for psychological environment of athletes and trainers..


Chinese fencing teams ;some trainers and athletes of Chinese swimming team;some trainers of national men’s judo team; some coaches and athletes of national football team;some trainers of HongKong fencing team;some trainers and athletes of Anhui province fencing team,et al;368 persons in total. Adopt the methods of investigation, interview,track, observation,consultation,feedback and discussion,etc.


The research here lays stress on the protection for educational psychological environment. However,in comparison with the psychological traning accepted by the sports team before,it is the new development in physical and mental health requirements for the protection of psychological environment to a larger extent; takes critical natural protective effect on the start and course of matches as well as the psychological recovery after matches.98% of trainers and athletes think it very urgent and important to advocate the newprotection for psychological environment and essential to national-level excellent athletes. In the investigation, 100% of sports teams recognize the importance of psychological training; the protection for educational psychological environment and optimized combination of the sports team still needs practice and recognition. Especially the protection for background environment of study,training field and living is controllable but needs the help from psychological expert. In the international and domestic professional sports fields,the protection is arranged and spread according to the international convention of the special item; of the contemporary sports team relates to multi-layermultiphase management systems;especially the environmental protection and optimized combination for the education and psychology of the athletes shall be harmonious,consistent and intensive as a whole.



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