Public union in hungarian sport about european integration

Por: Gyongyi Szabo Foldesi.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Introduction Since Hungarian sport is considered as a social institution to be one of the main loosers after the 1989-1990 political and economic system change, the European integration of the country is accompanied by ambivalent attitudes in sport. There is a growing recognition that this issue should be investigated on scientific bases (Földesi, 2002; Hédi, 2002.). The purpose of this paper is to discover the level of knowledge of selected groups in sport about the sport policy of the European Union, as well as their opinion of and their feelings related to the expected impact of the European integration of Hungary on national sport. Methods The paper is based on a survey research. Elite sports managers and sports students were the focus of research. The sample was selected randomly. The data were collected by questionnaires containing closed-ended and open - ended questions. Results The results are analysed by the following dimensions: level of information on the draft Constitution and on the treaty to join the European Union from a sporting perspective; predictions on the future of Hungarian sport: expected advantageous and disadvantageous effects of the European integration on the individual sectors (public, civil and business) and on the different fields (school sport, sport for all, top sport) of national sport; consequences of the European integration on the national labour market in sport, and the occurrence and the reasons of anxiety and hope. Discussion/Conclusion In conclusion it is stated that according to the findings in Hungarian sport there is an urgent need for modernization and for adaptation not only to the sport policy of the European Union but to the recent global changes in the world sport References [1]. Földesi, S.G. (2002) Magyar Sporttudományi Szemle, 3. p. 17. [2]. Hédi, Cs. (2002) Magyar Sporttudományi Szemle, 3. p. 17.

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