Publics expection from municipalities about sports services

Por: Azmi Yetim, Bilal Coban, Fikret Ramazanoglu e Sebahattin Devecioglu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The purpose of this study is to make known the public’s expectation from the municipality are about sports services.
Individuals’ views about sports services were determined by means of survey-search method. Elazıg Municipality was chosen as a sample in Turkey. Survey was carried out with 5000 people. 66.6 % of them were male and 33.3 % of them were female. Experts were asked for their opinions, in determining about how many people and who must be given surveys. After surveys were examined, unanswered ones were taken out. Totally 4195 people were employed in sampling. Statistical evaluation was carried out by means of frequency, percentage and average.


Surveys were evaluated and the results obtained from this study are as follows; Individuals claim that meeting the requirements of people living in urbaan areas for natural movements has grown into a problem. Municipalities must take responsibility for public’s sports activities to a great extent. Public can’t inform municipal authorities of their requirements and expectations about sports services adequately (43.01%). The reason for their being unable to do this that they don’t believe that their demands will be accepted (42.45%). It is municipalities that are supposed to bring sports services to neighbourhoods (45.22%).

Discussion / Conclusion

In conclusion, sports services which are provided by municipalities increase their prestige to a great extent. Sports services are very important in improving municipality-public relations. Municipalities must take into consideration public’s requirements, expectations and demands when offering sports services.



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