Relationship Between Jumping And Shooting Performance In Basketball

Por: C. H. Vergi e Nikolas Apostolidis.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Shooting is the prevalent basketball skill and therefore many researchers have focused their efforts to the objective
evaluation of it [1] and also to explore possible factors affecting the specific ability. The aim of the present study is to
distinguish the possible influence of the jumping ability to the shooting performance.

A sample of 10 basketball players volunteered to participate in this study. In the laboratory the subjects
performed three jump-shots which recorded by a video camera (recording velocity 25 frames/sec), and in the basketball
court they performed a speed spot shooting evaluation test [1]. For the jumping estimation used the type h=1/2 * g * t2
and from the three trials has been kept the best. A bivariate correlation (Pearson correlation) was conducted to elevate
possible relation between jumping ability and shooting performance, and also a stepwise regression analysis conducted
in order to confirm the elevated relationship. Statistical significance was accepted at p<0.05 level.

Pearson correlation index (r=.69, p<.05) reveals the existence relationship between jumping ability and
shooting performance. In addition stepwise regression analysis (F=7.18, R2 =.47, p<.05) confirms the existence
relationship and shows that the jumping ability variable is a clear predictor of the shooting performance respectively.
Totally the 47% of the shooting performance variance is controlling for the jumping ability.

Jumping ability is a clear predictor of the shooting performance, so the high of the jump the high of the shooting
percentage. Approximately the 47% of the variance of shooting performance causes on jumping ability during jumpshooting,
while the rest 53% causes on other reasons (e.g. technical ability, self confidence) In conclusion, the results of
this research showed that basketball coaches should pay attention on the improvement of the players’ jumping ability in
order to have better shooting performance.

[1]. American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, (1984). Basketball for boys and Girls,
Skill Test Manual. Reston, V A.

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