Research Of Function Of Chinese Synchronized Swimming Athletes On Altitude Training

Por: Caizhen Chen e Wenqin Cao.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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numerous research showed that altitude training could enhance the function of respiration and hematological system,
and raise the aerobic capacity. Altitude training is often adopted in periodicity sports. But up to now, it is not applied in
Synchronized Swimming. Chinese Synchronized Swimming team undertook altitude training on October 2003. During
the one month training, players’ physiological and biochemical indicator were tested in order to understand athletes’
function, expand the domain of altitude training.

43 Chinese Synchronized Swimming athletes as research objects. Altitude training continued for 4 weeks on Kunming
Haigeng of China which altitude is 1890m. The blood sample were gained on every Monday morning before breakfast,
the indexes such as Hb,BUN,CK,T,RBC,HCT,WBC were tested using semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer, automatic
blood counter, g-computor,etc.

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Comparingthe second and third week, it could be found that the increased extent was small,but T still to remain high level.These
indexes all reached a high and ideal level on fourth week.

Altitude training could promote erythrocyte production, increase the concentration of Hb and erythrocrit, Which is the
most beneficial effect that altitude training raise athletes’ performance. It is obvious that athletes’ Hb increased
generally reach to 150g/L because of anoxic environment. This work coincidence with predecessor. Considering of
other information reflected by other indexes such as CK, BUN, It was found that CK was 244.5±97.2 on plain training,
but among 4 tests on high altitude, CK was 208.33±92.26 on the second week, then kept on lower level. That meaned
the exercise intensity in this training was smaller, Which was one of the reasons of keeping on high level of Hb,T RBC.
A great of reasons influence the training effect, the amount and intensity of exercise are the most important. If it didn’t
reach a threshold to stimulate, then the training effect was no ideal. So this research suggested that exercise intensity
would be increased in next altitude training to increase the physical fitness.

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