Research On Application Of Pm In 2008 Olympic Games

Por: Cai Lou Jiang e Su Ming Li.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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In 2001,Beijing won the holding rights of 2008 Olympic Games, which will help China develop more quickly. Today, PM is widely applicated in developed countries and areas, and it has been proved to be the most efficient techniques in management field. But in China ,PM is only used in construction industry. The knowledge economics is coming, and traditional management techniques can’t catch up with complex situations. Having completing previous investigations, we are trying to find how to use PM techniques successfully in 2008 Olympic Games, and this will help the government hold the international games more successfully.


We have collected a lot of information about how to organize a large game through Internet. In Xi’an, we have visited some famous experts in PM fields in Xi’an Jiao Tong University. Now we have got a complete researching planning. We will use Mathematics methods, and a lot of computer procedures will be made to fit the PM in 2008 Olympic Games.


Olympic Games is an important kind of projects. The PM in 2008 Olympic Games falls into 5 steps: start, plan, carry out, control, end. First, we give a definition of the start of the games: the time when it was declared to be held in China. And the end of the games. is the time when all of the projets is completely over. Second, we ‘ll find out the main projects between the start and the end. Third, we’ll give a Work Breakdown Structure ,then the structure of project organization.


Success comes from the techniques of the PM that one organization has owned.[1] To hold 2008 Olympic Games successfully,we must use PM techniques.


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