Research on current situation and strategical of the sustainable development of track and field in china

Por: Lu Yilin e Tian Feng.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Along with the succeed of Beijing 2008 Olympics games, how to improve the level of Chinese track and field, and how to establish the strategically of the sustainable development, it is an impartment subject before Chinese sports reseachers. through many methods and points, current situation of coach, athletes, scientific research,manage system, training system, competition system, person with ability in support of track and field, as a results.


Statistical analysis, literature and data, investigation, theory analytical


After 5 years study in the Current Situation Chinese track and field, it’s found that some problem exists in development of Chinese track and field, such as, athlete’s sports life is short, overall arrangement of emphases item is impertinency, manage system of Chinese track and field is not consummate, scientific research level in sports is low, bad affection of national games strategic, spoil things by excessive enthusiasm is exist, ability of most coacher must be improve.

Discussion/ Conclusions

According to sports movement rule, consummate and legalize the system of training and competition mangement.look for the our country advantage item, and effort to enlarge the medal increase point. developed the science and technology of sports, added the power to the sustainable development of Chinese track and field. recognition scenically select potential athletes, it’s establish the base of sustainable development of Chinese track and field. it’s a key that improve the ability of coacher to sustainable development of Chinese track and field. exert in system advantage of national, emphases develop our advantage item and traditional item, Enhance the young potential athletes training work


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