Research On Factors Affecting Teenagers In Sports Activities

Por: Lei Yao e Qiao Gong Ye Xiang.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Teenagers’ attitude towards the surroundings has an important influence on their future study and life. Therefore , it is
essential to probe the influential factors of sports activities in their teens, the result provided a scientific and theoretical
basis for developing the habits of sports activities and making sports play an important part in their living manner(life
style ).

In this research paper questionnaires were distributed to schools from which 764 valid responses were received.
Documentary analysis, expert interview and questionnaire investigation have been employed in this research.

The data was checked and analysed using a statistical computer package and 8 domain influential aspects of sports
activities has been discovered as Table 1 indicated.Table1 Statistical graph of influential factors on sports activities

Discussion/ Conclusions
As mentioned above, we analyzed the factors that affect teen-agers taking part in sports activities from eight aspects.
The result shows that these eight aspects have a distinguished effect on them. We can divide these aspects into two
kinds: one is social environmental factor (objective factors), which includes the group of the same generation. sports
propaganda, sports teacher, family and ground and equipment, the other is individual factors ,(subjective factor ), which
include sex, personality, self-assessment. whether teenagers are willing to take an active part in sports activities or not
is affected by these factors.

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