Research on personel exchange scheme between elite and reserve personel in china

Por: Gao Linqi e Luo Pulin.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The article point out four obstacles and five factors influencing reasonable personnel flowing, furthermore the article provides three schemes about sports personnel exchange which adapt to different periods of social development, including plan exchange, market exchange and regional cooperation exchange. It put forward some measures that can promote reasonable personnel flowing between elite and reserve personnel.


On the basis of widespread social investigation and by using several ways of research, the author studies deeply and systematically on status quo, reasons, attitude and valuable inclination of personnel exchange between elite and reserve personnel.

The finding shows that the attitude and the valuable inclination of personnel exchange of athletics have close relation with athlete’s age, their training courses and their skill level. However, the phenomenon of unreasonable exchange is mainly due to the imbalance of economics development. The obstacle influencing reasonable exchange of elite includes: policy, condition, thought and concept. In addition, there are five factors influencing it, too. They are fluency, restriction, system, management and environment.
All the practice proved that these three exchange schemes are adapt to different systems of organization and management of elite’s exchange in different region.


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