Research on the model of sustained development of sport industry in guangdong province

Por: Hongxiang Xu, Qiang Fu, Yuhua Gao, Zhengyu Zhu e Zongxiang Xu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Sport industry in Guangdong province(GD) has taken an important place in China. There are an integrated sport industrial system in GD, The industries of sport lottery, sports equipment manufacture and sports entertainment have taken a lead in China. The rapid economy development has laid an solid foundation for sport industry. In the paper a analysis has been made on the model of sustained development of sports industry in GD.


The developing model of sport industry in GD was studied by using the methods of documents searching, investigating, survey research, statistics and logic analysis.


1. GD is the economically developed area, people’s income is high and the Angle coefficient is no more than 40%.
Economy structure and market demand are diversified. Economy development in GD has led a lead in China
2. Sports enterprises such as "Jianlibao" sports drink, "Lining" sports wear, "Hongyuan" sports club and "Hongtian" sport agency and sports lottery started earliest in China and achieved great achievements.
3. the sustained development model of sport industry in GD was characterized as "Strengthen the advantages, harmonize and collaborate, overall develop". The sports industries of entertainment, sports competition performance drove the development of sports agency, sports court service, sport information, and sport advertisement.


Next to Hong Kong and Macaw, developed transportation and communication make it so convenient to communicate inside and outside. all these made sport industry in GD growing rapidly.
2. The provincial government always carried out the policy of supporting sport business and sport industry.
3. Enough labor forces , economic strength of the government, nongovernmental organizations, individuals home and oversea Chinese provided the opportunity for the development of sports industry in GD.
4. Sports manufacture industry should be pushed to further development. Sports training industry should be promoted in various ways. Sports insurance and sports goods service market should be further explored. The sport industry should make full use of the whole economic resources to keep sustained development and form the win-win situation.


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