Research on the notions and teaching patterns of physical education in chinas universities in the new era

Por: Baohua Zhang e Weuying Wu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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China’s entering WTO has sped up the internationalization of China’s higher education. PE, in particular, is confronted with the impact of the advanced education ideas from abroad. How to adapt to the international trend in PE,and speed up the fostering of talents of high quality? Universities in China are confronted with quite a lot of chances and challenges.


Documentation, expert survey method and field survey were adopted to carry out the comparative analysis of the curricula and education ideas of PE in some famous universities in China.


The findings are the curricula system differs in various universities,each with its own characteristics; the systems devised with respect to the actual situation in different universities have contributed greatly to the development of PE of these universities; on the whole, "all for students" is implemented to a certain extend, while some problems still exist. The researcher emphasizes the supervision effect of both PE notions and curricula system on the teaching of PE in present situation. In view of the widely-existing problems between curricula goal and teaching approaches in PE, the researcher puts forward reformation ideas and countermeasures.


The conclusion is that university PE should start with advanced education notions and then modulate the curricula system. PE notions and curricula system of universities are closely related. Different teaching notions of PE produce different curricula systems universities in different zones have different education notions. Advanced PE notions and successful experiential accumulation in PE are the key to PE reformation.


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