Shanghai baseline investigation of the sub-item of the vii project to control the setting way quietly

Por: Jiong Wang, Kai Gu e Xun-zhang Shen.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Social Background

Before 1996, the intervention work of physical fitness in local community was a blank space. As being 7th time of the medical soft loan to China by the World Bank, the research intended to intervene inhabitants’ non-health life way in the community so as to improve their health in Shanghai three districts undertaken by the CDC and the item of health .


To build supporting environment in the experimental community and make new policy of the public health for the fitness for all, also accumulating experiences for exploring city community physical activities and the measurement of target crowd evaluation so that all citizen’s health can really attain pattern of the ideal physical quality in 21st century.

Main Tactics and Intervention Activities

a. More widely launching a colorful healthy lifestyle so as to improve community people health; To improve people’s health knowledge and the skills for routine physical exercises. b. Improving public sports spaces and facilities; Spreading all kinds of fitness training sites in community; Organizing the community sports matches; Taking exchange meeting and symposium for special people who insists in training for long time in community to exchange their health training experience. c. Strengthening its science propaganda of the benefit of fitness exercises; Holding some difference kinds of expert consulting activities; Developing the human resource in the community such as to cultivate street sports cadres, community sports political instructors, and community volunteers to meet local people fitness needs.


The analysis discovers that the townspeople’s life style of sitting way quietly is more serious. Among them surveyed, the time sitting way quietly is over 5 hour everyday takes up 55.73%. And 35.27% of the men never take part in the sports activity in the first half of the whole year. From the age, the cultural standard, the profession distribution, and the danger cognition of the sitting way quietly styles, we can see: only 24.29% community inhabitants know there will be danger but have no idea of what are the danger. 24.93% of inhabitants don’t know what danger will harm health when the sitting way quietly time is too long (see tables and graphs).


Student sitting way quietly and activity level are both higher, especially too long in controlling the study of the sitting way quietly and too little in intermittent activity and too shortage in extracurricular activity; Adult is the disadvantage crowd of physical training after work. Nerve nervously and a little of leisure time are a key mass of our intervention; the old crowds have a good exercise consciousness and self-action.
Health crowd and the second health crowd are all to lack of physical fitness. It is the difficult crowd who should be promoted by daily physical training to their health. The bad health condition is the main reason for townspeople who have to take physical training by themselves. The citizen’s perception physical recovers of the chronic disease and the desire of taking part in physical training are very high.
Future Work Prospect
To form many co-operations with departments and organizing net work in community; To widely launch propaganda and health education; To enhance the fitness recognition among the communities people and citizen; To create the policy environment that there is benefit for the mass activities and benefit for entire people health living; To develop the lifetime sports education and actively sports population in community culture.






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