Situation and factorial analysis of the development in taishan, guangdong volleyball

Por: Yanmei Li.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Taishan has long been known as "the hometown" of China’s volleyball. Volleyball has been very popular in Taishan since it was introduced in 1914 and there are always many elite players there. In 1956’s Paris International Championship, 8 out of 12 man players were from Taishan. However, in the 80’s, the number of Taishan’s players in national teams and premiere Leagues was decreasing. This article tries to give suggestions on how to rejuvenate Taishan’s Volleyball and meet future’s challenges based on the investigation and research of the situation of Taishan’s volleyball development, in order to contribute to China’s Volleyball development . Documentation, questionnaire investigation, interview investigation, typical investigation, logistic analysis and statistic analysis are the major research methods. The validity is high (r=0.9257). All the date processing, statistic analysis and stepwise regression were done with such soft wares as Lotus, Spss7.5 and Office2000.Taishan’s volleyball has a wide mass basis and participants of this sport covered 93.17% of the investigation sample and they all like volleyball more than other sports; the playing form and place choice varies in sex and age.There was splendid history in Taishan’s competitive volleyball, but due to the disadvantage in players’height and the fault in policy-making, it began to lag behind. The R-factorial analysis of players’value of volleyball indicates: the players value high on rejuvenating Taishan’s volleyball and hard training .The multi-regression analysis indicates the main factors on Taishan’s volleyball development are economy, culture, value, education, management, social environment and training . To meet the challenge of the 21st century, the following suggestions are made: Preferential policies should be made by the provincial government and Taishan municipal government. Adjust and improve the composition of coaching staffs and adopt the appointive employment to improve coaches’ synthetical levels. set up Taishan competitive volleyball funds and produce conditions for players to attend major volleyball games to promote training and competition levels home and abroad.

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