Spectrum of teaching styles a new vision!

Por: Franceschetto Dircema Krug.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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There are at least four compelling reasons to use the Spectrum of Teaching Styles: personal diversity of students, multiple objectives of education, a need for an integrated framework for teaching. The objective of the study was adding insights about Spectrum in teacher’s preparation. We hypothesized that learning from divergent production make better decision makers; improve self confidence.


Descriptive study, 200 PE students data from six open questions. Data was analyzed by key words meanings.


1. Study the Spectrum was fundamental to a strength view about teaching learning and teachers’ responsibility with students; live theory into practice was fantastic! 2. Spectrum is like a map; show many different possibilities to engage students; relationships changing style to style. 3. Decision making process be strongest than before including in private life. 4. Colleagues cooperation process showed more patient teachers. Content knowing and demonstration was improved. 5. Students felt included all the time; stronger than before like teachers. Planning, teaching, observing giving feedback improved self confidence. 6. The absence of recrimination in a New...Vision, gave meaning of what is a good teacher.


It is imperative to go beyond our idiosyncrasies. The Spectrum seems to be a strong foundation for a good education and a weapon against bad teachers that thinks and work just sport and not a culture of movement.
[1]. Krug, Franceschetto Dircema (1966-1994). Spectrum of Teaching Styles from Mosston. A New...Vision complementary Doctoral Thesis. Lisboa: UTL - FMH 1996.





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