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Por: Eurostat.

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Eurostat’s sport statistics: harmonised sport data at EU level 
Due to its growing economic and social impact, sport has gained an important place in European strategies and programmes. Harmonised and comparable statistics are therefore needed to strengthen evidence-based policies in this field. 
Under the EU Work Plan for Sport 2014–2017 (Council resolution 2014/C183/03), Eurostat with the European Commission’s Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC), has initiated the regular dissemination of harmonised statistics on sport. 
As no Eurostat data collection is devoted specifically to sport, sport statistics are derived from already existing EU surveys. Reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of sport, these statistics currently cover: 
• employment in sport (data from the EU Labour Force Survey); 
• international trade in sporting goods (data from COMEXT);
 • attendance at live sports events (data from the Adult Education Survey); and 
• private expenditure on sporting goods and services (data from the Household Budget Survey).


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