Sports and violence: myths and reality

Por: Elen Varlami.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Sport, as institution and form of culture, is part of ‘social being’ reflecting and accepting effects from the same pressures that are applied in the society via environmental interactive processes. The terminology of sports and violence is closely connected with every social and cultural frame in which they are also presented and by which they are determined.


The new forms of formal or informal, organised or spontaneous sociability develop in the frame of social relations of voluntary incorporations, which also include the athletic associations. The political - social operation of associations, in which athletic associations were included, constituted an important section for the following intermediate class of 19th century, which represented the political values and the new behavioural codes which caused the spread of new type of organisation and their connection with the development of the cities and the new organisation of time.


Expressions of violence that are created and expressed in the sports and in relative events vary according to the time and space of each athletic event, according to its value as well as the structural factors that are expressed and characterized by the current effect value system as acceptable and reinforced or inappropriate and ethically unacceptable.

Discussion / Conclusions

It is rendered explicit, in the analysis and argumentation of the present scientific work, which the relationship between sports and violence or violent behaviours and conceptually shown as sports<athletics < (athlos) means the one keeps pace with the authorities and ideals of sports and the athletic spirit < breath, blow, the mind and its abilities is interpreted as ideal, as anything that is considered perfect and completed and constitutes model of imitation or object of achievement.




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