Sports for all and social stratification in contemporary china

Por: Qia Zhou e Shuting Lu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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A series of great changes have taken place in China since the practice of "Reform and Opening policy" in1978. The distinguishing feature in social structural changes reflected by those changes was the gradual formation of social strata’s difference, which led to the inclination of stratification in sports for all. Happening silently, the changes didn’t bring much attention in the sports field. The social stratum is not only an important part of Chinese basic national conditions, but a significant basis on which great economic and social developing decisions are made by the government. For a long time, the classification of social strata in China was very simple, only including worker class, farmer class and intellectual class. Classes and strata in China have changed greatly so far. In early 2002,Chinese Academy of Social Science published"Social Strata in Contemporary China". Chinese social groups were divided into ten strata. The author analyzed the relationship between sports for all and social stratification.


The research method of documentation was used in this article.


Some of Chinese have been rich at first. 2. The differences of places for sports, body-building and recreation chosen by people conceded in the differences of social strata decided by their financial condition. 3. In some sense, sports have been a sign of one’s status. 4. Present study hasn’t fully touched upon the reality of social stratification and strata’s differences caused by sports.


[1]. The study was based on objective existence of social strata. [2]. The study helped us know about the main influential factors influenced the different groups’ towards sports activities, which made instructions more directive. [3]. The study helped to set up productive goals according to the different strata’s marketing demands. [4]. The study helped develop sports population adopting different measures helped understand social changes in contemporary China more deeply.


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