Sports leisure-exploring students* healthy happy mode of life

Por: Li Min Liang e Zou Zhiming.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The complicated potential essential connection between sports leisure (SL) and college students* healthy happy life modes is revealed with the internal link of ※physical education (PE), SL, life modes and humans§ as the research frame; testified from the liberality, diversity and creativity of SL is the importance of SL in the process of maintaining and advocating students* healthy, relaxing, and reconstructed happy and contenting life, as well as reproducing, working and learning abilities, and developing comprehensive personality, providing theoretical basis for forming students* well-being life modes. Meanwhile, deeply explored is the developing trend of 21st-century students* diversified humanized PE. In all this, there is certain value for reference.


Adopted are such research methods as library research, interview, talk and logical analysis.


1. Analysis of the formation background for students* SL (SSL): 1.1 With China*s further deepening reform and opening policies, the indivisible relationship between leisure and economic cultural growth emerges increasingly clearly, and gradually become a well-being life mode which students choose consciously. 1.2 To the formation and regulation of students* well-being life mode, university PE (UPE) is indispensable, which is one of the key links to realize youngsters* healthy mental and physiological pursuit and realize socialization and life-long physical training. 2. Characteristics of SSL. 1st, material features. The relevant increase in leisure time for sports enables sporting leisure practice to develop meaningfully. 2nd, social traits. The progressive popularization of SSL centralized on physical activities makes SL become students* second life to change their environment§ and mental state utterly. 3rd, system features. SL is recognized by systems. It is confirmed in the state*s PE and Sports Law§ that citizens* sporting right be inviolable. Departments in local governments and universities invest in building stadia and gymnasia, and help found various sports clubs and associations, supplying aids for students freely to choose different spare-time athletic exercises, and gradually making SL a prior social function. 3. Functions of SSL. 3.1 Its socio-psychological (relaxing, recreative and developing) functions. 3.2 Its social (socialized, symbolized, remedial and preventive) functions. 3.3 Its economic functions. SL is a consumptive activity of sports goods and services first, and then of leisure time. 4. SL growth and UPE changes. 4.1 Harmonize the dual relationship between SL and UPE: As a social cultural phenomenon, SL externally proposes requirements for UPE, and meanwhile enters the process of UPE, constituting a basic element in UPE in the form of knowledge, skills and techniques, and with courses as the carrier. 4.2 Clarify the 2 functions of SL
and UPE: As a UPE fundamental component, SL has a direct effect on UPE, and in the meantime, it is also a medium§ or refraction of the effect of social economic and cultural construction on UPE. 4.3 Transform the UPE guidelines from mechanical competitive technicalism§ into humanism§, guided by mental and bodily health; from the previous pure sports emphasizing victories§ and record-creation§ into well-being leisure-oriented activities; from traditional close school PE (SPE) into integration of social and lifetime physical exercise; and from unitary classroom teaching into various integrative sporting clubs. 4.4 Strive to develop students* PE sense and abilities to train themselves and others by overcoming the misconception of ability development§, and by weakening the unitary one-sided orientation of competitive training§. 4.5 Stress the advanced features at the university stage, converting PE teachers from the role of coaches§ into ※guides§, and changing students from compulsory trainees§ into ※enjoyers§. 4.6 Transfer the PE contents from the traditional simplex competitive skills§ into ※diversified leisure§, seeking teaching contents in practical, recreational, health-building and cultural nature.


1. The reform and opening policies have provided the behaviour formation of SSL with material, time and social cultural resources. 2. SL is significant in the course of retaining and encouraging students* healthy, easy and reconstructed happy and contenting life, as well as reproducing, working and learning capabilities, and developing integrative personal character. 3. UPE is vital to the formation and readjustment of students* healthy happy way of life. To a great extent, students* option of SL in their well-being life mode depends on whether PE contents are advanced or conservative, and whether teaching methods are open and democratic or close and compellent. So it is necessary comprehensively to examine and transform UPE on the research basis of inherent connection among PE, SL, life mode and humans.



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