Strategic Reform Of The Cultivation Of Chinas Athletic Personell

Por: Celi Cao, Jingbo Li e Lianxiang Fan.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The establishment of the system of four-level training network from the end of 1950s to the early of 1960s and its
improvement since then has made a great contribution to the development and improvement of the athletics in China.
However, under the new historical conditions and with the development of market economy in China, the system
proves to be unable to adapt to the current economic patterns and the condition of our nation and our people. Thus it is
necessary to conduct relevant reform in this field.

Methods and results
By way of logic reasoning and dialectic analyzing, we analyzed three aspects concerning the inadaptability of the
current system:
1. the imbalance between the sole input from the government and the relevant output;
2. the limited channels for training the athletes not in accordance with the pace of education development and
the singleton policy in China;
3. the single training system not in favor of the development of the multi-channel competitive mechanism.
Aiming at the inadaptability mentioned above, we put forward a plan as follows on the distribution of
athletes after completing the nine-year compulsory education:
The significances of the distribution plan:
1. The distribution plan shows great respect to the youngsters’ right in making decisions concerning their own future
and is adaptable to the current one-child-family dominated situation in China.
2. The Distribution plan is advantageous to the improvement of the investment environment and the minimization of
the contradiction in the flow of athletes.
3. The Distribution plan is advantageous to the formation and development of the competitive mechanism of athlete
training and the efficiency of athlete fostering in China.

Conclusion and suggestion
To carry out the distribution plan after the nine-year compulsory education is an inevitable result of the combination of
education and physical education in China. It is a necessary process for the four-level training network system to
optimize and improve itself with the change of the outside condition. The aim is to do our best to educate, train and use
the athletes in a reasonable flow. It is suggested that this plan can serve as a reference to the department concerned in
their policy making.

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