Study on amatuer adolescent volleyball training

Por: Yanmei Li.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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This paper uses the method of investigation and document research , which has announced our country amateur adolescent volleyball training present situation and the problem of existence and difficulty : The major cause of this difficulty is the interest conflict (the conflicts between learning and training , between the trainees’s entering and leaving the team ) inside the system. In order to expound one of teen-ages’ civilization education and training the major contradiction of development of training is the conflict of time. Time is the constant , and lacked one minute with one minute , and take-offs necessary life time , and the time of student flows separately to civilization study and the sports training , thus makes the time distribution learned between standard contradiction focusing leaning and training . The questionnaire is bright :The student’s civilization study of Volleyball kinematics school is learned time every day fewer 4 hours than ordinary school students of the full-time system , and the civilization almost to have lacked half is learned time . If according to the senior middle school 3 years : Attends class the time 200 days budgetary estimate in the every year , but The trainees of the volleyball kinematics school are used civilization study to seldom 2406 hour than key middle school student ! It is easy to explain that most of receive training that the student thinks " learns that time is inadequate " . Secondly being eager for instant success and quick profits , in the training system now available in our country , has also appeared because of too early concentrated the itemization training , the appearance that leads to the beneficial result of training is low.
The third lays in the population pressure and the limited society resources. The last is the disadvantage of sponsoring amateur adolescent volleyball training from within the education or physical education system . Pointing out no matter side , It is difficult to be a system in present phase , only useful coordination advantage between two systems , changing for strongerally in order to bring about enjoy voluntary together , share duty together , enjoy achievement together , unite as one , to get all cooperation that manages teaching training , spread volleyball sport , sport the itemization training , develop person of ability resources , make fully use of fund and ground equipment , really achieve advantage mutually benefits, scientific dispose resources, in order to get half the result with twice the effort for amateur adolescent volleyball training .



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