Study on psychological recovery of top athletes after th ecompetition

Por: Ji Yuan, Lin Yuan, Meiyan Fan, Qing Yu e Xia Liu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Because of the nervousness and competion in sports, sportsmen will bear much load both physically and psychologically. And the psychological adjustment will help the sportsmen restore to their normal state quickly and make them ready for the next competition. At present, by physical ways of recovery, such as massage and physiotherapy and so on, do help the mechanic recovery both actively and passively. It will only improve and adjust functions of central nerve system without directly affecting the central nerves system. Thus people spend long time studying more physiological fatigue than psychological fatigue.Study shows that psychological exercise will make the sportsmen recover quickly from the competition’s after the competition, taking medical method, biological method and psychological method, the sports men will get better recovery.


The investigation and documental methods are used in this paper.

Methods for the recovery

1. Adjustment of negative psychological factor of the competition through cognize.
It is showed in study that the sportsmen taking part in Olympic games, no matter before or after the game the sportsmen usually feel nervous and abnormal- minded, that is right reflection of a person. Let the sportsmen learn cognize and view the problem fairly and actively as winning and losing.
2. Relaxation by language suggestion or music
Language suggestion plays a very important part in relaxation. Language suggestions or music can make the sportsmen relax all by themselves. Therefore, self-suggestions and others suggestions may also provide relaxation as well.
2. Method for using psychological feedback
The sportsmen’s inner mind can be showed and understood their own activities by using some instruments. Remove nervousness through the measure with the instruments.
3. Hypnotism
Hypnotism will make the subjects’ psychological activity reach a certain level in a state of both sleeping and awake.
The subjects do what the instructor tells them to do.


We have got many ways of recovery, but different people should be treated differently for the sportsmen to recover. With the development of sports, sportsmen must bear heavy load before the competition and during the competition and even after the competition. Therefore, the coaches and the sportsmen should treat the psychological exercise after the competition as seriously as before the competition.


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