Study on th epresent situation and countermeasure of extracurricular sports training in china school

Por: Qi Chen.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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This paper summarized the achievement and some problems of extracurricular training in the recent 10 years, furthermore, put out the reformation suggestion and countermeasures.
A great achievement had been made in raising students’ sports technique level and cultivating excellent sportsman reserve force. However, it is found out that there exist some noticeable problems in extracurricular training: (1) Lack of proper understanding of the significance of extracurricular training; (2) Unfamiliarity with the basic management methods; (3) Lack of harmony between the sports training and the course learning; (4) Lack of excellent sports coach; (5) It is difficult to assure the demand of the extracurricular training due to the capital scarcity.
This paper puts forward some corresponding reform countermeasures:(1) Abides by the education and sports law, and establishes the integrated sports training system; (2)The current training system under which athletes are trained too early is to be shifted to the scientific one, which mainly emphasizes basic training; (3)The present mixed competition system is to be shifted to the one diversified in competition levels; (4) The present system, which favors the student’s entering a higher school, is to be shifted to the one which emphasizes on improving their intelligence; (5)The prevailing system invested by the government is to be shifted to the one invested by government and society; (6)The extracurricular training system that composed by experimental sports schools and traditional sports schools is to be shifted to the one integrated with sports club system.
Key words: China; school physical education; extracurricular training



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