Study on the improvement of rationalization in sports training after school in macao

Por: S. P. Ng.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The development of sports training in pupils after school is much slower in Macao than that in other regions. Therefore, more attentions should be paid to this area. It is necessary to organize sports training after school following scientific principles and using advanced techniques. On the other hand, we can find and provide sports talents from the pupils during sports training and enhance the sports level of Macao.


Literature analysis, survey and interview were used to collect data from the secondary and primary schools in Guangdong, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Comparison and analysis of the status of school of physical education in the four regions were conducted.

Results and discussion

The scientific knowledge of sports training limited in teachers of physical education and sports trainers, who did not arrange sports training after school rationally, resulted in the slower development of sports in Macao. The research suggested that the first step of improvement of sports level in Macao was identification of sports talents from the pupils following the laws in genetics and principles in growth and development. It was also important to consider the requirements of different sports. The second step was to increase knowledge in scientific principles of exercise for training the sports talents. The physiological function, body shape, physical fitness and mental adjustment in the pupils were measured during sports training to identify sports talents, who may become excellent athletes. Additionally, ability
in organizing sports tactics in the competitions was also an important factor. Physical education teachers and sports trainers should introduced and arranged the appropriate training regimens and competitions according to the characteristics of different sports talents so that they can become excellent athletes successfully.


Firstly, the notion that scientific principles will be followed in sports training after school should be founded. It is important to increase professional knowledge in physical education teachers and sports trainers. Secondly, the training regimens and competitions for the sports talents should be organized rationally and scientifically to improve their performance and prolong their sports life.



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