Study On The Motivations Of Collegians To Contact Mass Media Sport Information In China

Por: Hui-lin Wang, Jinnian Zhang e Wei Yan.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The revolution of Mass media has brought a new information era to human being. As a new social force, mass media have a more and more important influence to youth. Surrounding of mass communication is one of the important social circumstances to affect youth when youth face more and more complex modern social surroundings. Modern sport has a more and more close relationship with mass media, and people pay more attention to the influences of mass media. In the paper, the questionnaire survey is the main method to open out the motivations of Collegians to contact Mass Media Sport Information in China, and the reasons are explained in the paper. It will offer and set down some correspond suggestion for media and sport operator to do media education and decision-making. It is good for physical education and better social surrounding for youth health.

The questionnaire survey is the main method through the 1806 collegians of 19 universities and colleges in different parts of China, which are Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong province, Jiangsu province, Henna province, Sichuan province, Shanxi province, Guangdong province, Hebei Province and Xinjinag To find out the motivation of collegians to contact mass media by combining the research methods of fix quantify and determine the nature.

Collegians are main force in the information sociality, which have close relationship with the degree of educated. They represent different behaviour and consciousness of contacting mass medium with individual and social dissimilarity. Collegians have many motivations to contact mass media sport information. There are different motivations with different mediums. The motivations that collegians contact mass media sport information have something to do with degree of sport interest of students.
Collegians have many motivations to contact mass media sport information. There are different motivations with different mediums. To seek sport knowledge, information and entertainment are main motivations to contact mass media, which have something to do with the characteristic of students. The suggestion is government should pilot as a corn, and media education should as a keystone in school. The role of PE teacher in using media should be strengthened in school education. PE should go with using mass media.

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