Study sports result that affects the city middle age crowd

Por: Zhong-tao He.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Along with the society and economic quick development. Sports are seeping into the people’s life. At the same time. The public emphasize the sports a valuation of the result. But study less about the influence sports the result. This article to study that middle age resident take part in sports behavior, nourishment habit. Used life style at Chengdu city of China. Though the investigation and research. Completely most sports result that affect the city middle age resident. So make the sports plan by science.


Research that use the cultural heritage. And investigate to visit. For Chengdu city of Sichuan include 4437 people between 40-60 years old that different sex different job. Sets out investigate question paper 4500 shits. Take back investigate question paper 4437. Recover the investigate question paper 98.9%.


The middle age resident of sichuan Chengdu city think themselves good health for 27.1%. Just so-so or small problem 62.9%. They think take part in sports purport is "health body". The nest one is "The body recovers from illness". The city middle age resident make a mistake think that "No ill is health" for 77.3%. The city middle age resident think ceaseless for sports exercise for 12.5%. They usual take part in sports exercise comparison lower for 23.3%. They
occasionally take pant in sports exercise for 76.7%. They attend to sports exercise for 19.2% over 3 times in one week. Never do sports exercise for 33.6%. The city middle age resident do exercise by themselves for 74.42. Sports event is take simple and cost lower. They choice sports event is running and walking for 51.0%. But the resident persistence is bad. They insists do one sports event for long period of time far 30.16%. They choice any kind of sport event for 49.03%. The life style of the middle age resident is better. They have good habit and regulation far 92%. But some ports of crowds have bad habit (smoking、 drinking and eating not on time) for 8%. In the aspects of nourishment most of city resident have good nourishment for 80%. But for 20% not.


The city middle age resident take part in sports exercise behavior is not good. Compare with our society and economy development is disproportion. Although most of city middle age resident have good life style good nourishment habit and do sports exercise. But sports exercise result effect the city middle age crowd is performance that simple exercise purpose. The sports people comparison to less. The sport contents are primitive sample. Not scientific leading.


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