Survey Of Teachers Health In China And Suggested Solutions

Por: Jintian Yang, Xiugong Liu e Yintian Yang.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The authors investigated and studied the living and working condition of Chinese teachers for the purpose of understanding Chinese teacher’s health condition, giving theoretical basis for improving working conditions of teachers and bringing forward some solutions to better the teachers’ health.

Investigation Questionnaire Reference-consulting Statistics

1. The investigation results of the teachers’ health condition
Questionnaires were distributed to 1500 teachers and 1316 were returned, taking up 87.7% of the total. Their ailment history can be seen from the following graph1.
From the graph, we can see that throat disease is on the top of the list, which takes up 21.5%. And this kind of disease is closely related to the occupation of teachers. Geng vertebra disease gets the second place, which takes up10.5%. The third place is hypertension, taking up 9.6%, chronic stomach disease---6.3%, heart disease---2.4%, diabetes---0.85% and other diseases---2.4%.
2. Analysis of the results
This investigation shows that there are six kinds of diseases which are related to the occupation of teaching. Especially the less-exercise-more-work way of teachers easily results in breaking out of various kinds of disease, thus greatly affecting teachers’ health.
Seeing from the statistics of this investigation, only 34.3% of the respondents could take exercises more than half an hour every day. 65.7% of them do not have any physical training at all, because some of them are too busy and some of them, especially teachers in rural area, are lacking in the consciousness of physical training. This may be related to the general environment of rural areas.
Study on countermeasures
1. Pay more attention to the teachers’ health, especially to the teachers in rural area. Every unit should increase the investment for the sports facility so that the teachers can voluntarily take part in physical training.
2. Offer a good working environment for teachers in order to alleviate their tension and pressure in spirit and in work.
3. Establish teachers health files to provide scientific basis for trailing teachers’ health condition and making corresponding countermeasures.

[1]. Jiang jianhua & Dong xiaohong & Huang Li & Guo Haiying (2000) Zhejiang Physical Science, 22, 18-25.
[2]. Lv Zhizheng & Hao Ruifu (1994) Common Ill Newest Therapy, Beijing, China Traditional Chinese Medicine Press.

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