The function of shoulder girdle muscles in pull up, push up and modifired pull up by electromyography(emg)

Por: Alizadeh, Daneshmandi e Housein Lasjouri.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The muscular endurance is one of the important factors of physical fitness . The pull up , modified pull up and push up tests are used for evalution of muscular endurance . However the capability of these tests are controvetional. The aim of this study was to investigat the function of shoulder girdle muscles ( biceps , deltoid , pectoralis major and triceps muscles ) in these three tests by electromyography.


The subjects were ninty healthy boys , 12-14 years old with height average of 148 3.23 Cmand weight average of 39.23 2.4 Kg .The Function of shoulder girlder muscle was recorded by superficical EMG tecnique.


The resultes of the study showed that there is significant relationship between these three tests ( p≤0.05 ). The findings also showed that biceps and triceps muscles were significantly more activited than , deltoid and pectoralis major muscles ( p≤0.05 ) .


According to the findings pull up and push up tests have similar functions
Key word: Pull-up test , Push-up , Modified pull-up , Electromyography , Biceps muscle, Deltoid , Pectoralis major, Triceps .


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