The profile and view of greek athletes with motor impairment for the organization of athletics for individuals with disabiliites

Por: P. Antoniou, P. Dafnis e S. Batsiou.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The huge development of occupation with athletics and also championship of people with disabilities in culturally progressed countries was the result of recognition and granting equal opportunities to all civilians on the one hand and on the other of the indisputable value of exercise to the improvement of health, strength, endurance, social integration, self- confidence and good psychological temper. The aim of the present study was to investigate the curriculum vitae of Greek athletes with motor disabilities and their views on the organic structure of athletics for people with disabilities in our country.


The athletes (n=90 men, n=28 women) filled in a questionnaire designed for this study. The questions belonged to five sections: demographic elements, athletic activity, expectations from athletics, organization of championship and also possible alterations which will emerge from the constitution of Paralympics 2004. Frequencies and one-way analyses were conducted.


The elaboration of data showed that athletes were mainly individuals with Spinal Cord Injury (n=46). The majority were single (72%), unemployed and students (n=63). The high level of their performances (13,6% had participation in Paralympics games) is due to their persistence since the conditions of exercising (39,8% stated difficulty in access) and organization (82,2% stated non timely informing for the games) are not satisfying. Even though they stated they did not have much knowledge about Paralympics sports, their personal gains from the occupation with athletics were many. They believe that Paralympics games 2004 will be successful and will be the reason for the improvement of quality of life for the individuals with

Discussion / Conclusions

The conclusion which emerged is that men are engaged more than women with sports. Athletics and especially championship is among the pursuits and priorities of people with motor disabilities. Despite the difficulties they face in Greece there are expectations for improvement of conditions from the constitution of Paralympics games 2004.





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