The effect of 6 weeks volleyball training program on respiratory parameters of youth women volleybal players

Por: Bahar Ozgur, Hakan Kolayis e Turgay Ozgur.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of 6 weeks volleyball training program pulmonary functions of youth women volleyball players.

Material & Methods
Sixteen youth female volleyball players from two different sport clubs participated in the study. Their mean age were as follows; SEKA volleyball team’s 14.60.52 (n: 9) and KARAMURSEL volleyball team’s 150.82 (n: 7) years. SEKA volleyball team served as experiment and KARAMURSEL volleyball team served as control group. Pulmonary functions measured by Pony Spirometer. Experiment group practised for 6 weeks (4 days in a week and 1.5 hours in a day) by volleyball training programme that includes; technical, tactical and conditioning training. Both groups performed pre-post tests. Vital capacity (VC), Forced Vital capacity (FVC), Forced Vital capacity in 1. second (FEV1) tests were performed. Data were analysed using descriptive statistic technics, Mann Whitney- U and Wilcoxon tests. Significance was set at the p<0,05 level.


Experiment group’s pre-test outcomes were FVC: 3,600,44 lt, FVC% 105.4414.34, FEV1 3.040.23 lt, FEV1% 99.4410.97, VC 1.990.33 lt, VC% 58.339.25, post-test outcomes were, FVC: 3,650,39 lt, FVC% 105.2211.61, FEV1 3.160.23 lt, FEV1% 102.4410.71, VC 2.010.53 lt, VC% 58.5014.92 and control group’s pre-test outcomes were, FVC: 3,500,48 lt, FVC% 99.2913.61, FEV1 3.270.38 lt, FEV1% 103.8611.01, VC 2.080.51 lt, VC% 59.7118.05, post-test outcomes were FVC: 3,610,27 lt, FVC% 104.4310.60, FEV1 3.290.31 lt, FEV1% 105.867.38, VC 2.260.45 lt, VC% 65.4314.68.
Mann Whitney-U and Wilcoxon tests not indicated a significance differences.

The results of this study suggest that 6 week volleyball training has no significant effect on pulmonary functions of youth female volleyball players. There were some increases at some parameters but the changes were not statisticaly significant. Future studies should focus on long-term effect of volleyball training programmes on pulmonary functions .
Keywords: Pulmonary function, volleyball, female




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