The effect of increased duration of physical activity on body composition of overweight children

Por: Liya Guo, Peng Li e Xia Siyong.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Overweigl1t is a main problem for children’ 11ealth. Attempts by physical educators to reverse this trend have been οηlΥ marginally successful. The purpose of this study was to provide an efficient way for fat loss.


Students ίη grade five, aged 10-12, were enrolled ίη 8-week summer course. ΑΙΙ students (η=46) enrolled ίη the class took part ίη a continuous activity for a long period (5 times a week and 31lrs per titηe one day). And the body fat was measured both before and after the course. TI1e daily program included [ουτ different activities for lhr each. This course differs from the regular curriculum οηlΥ ίη duration of class activity.


Results showed a tηean fat loss for all overweight students Of 11.2%(p<.05).and students IΏeasuring ίη the higher 50% fat οη the pretest lost significantly more fat than those ίη the lower 50%.


These results suggest that this increased duration of physical activity can be effective ίη reducing % fat ίη overweight children. The benefits appear to be greater [or those ίη higher% [at.
And this findings also support the pubIίc school physical education curriculum Sl10uId be of appropriate duration.


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