The experimental research on anti-oxide enzyme of unsystematic trainers of restrictive muscle blood flow

Por: Guo Wei.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Through comparing the content of GSH-PX,SOD and MDA before and after different level trains of restrictive blood flow, we research what kind of impact that restrictive blood flow trains have on anti-oxide enzyme system.


we take 32 male students and randomly divided into 4 groups, each group has 8 students. NO. 1,2,3 group are experimental groups and NO. 4 group is control group. We place the tourniquet on the student’s femoral upside, and simultaneously we monitor blood flow of quadriceps muscle of thigh by blood flow monitoring device, keep the volume of blood flow at 90%,80% and 70% before we place the tourniquet. Everyone must keep training 20 minutes everyday for 2 weeks on the training device of YEAGER6000. The degree of training is 60% of everyone’s Vo2max training degree. We take the blood sample two times. The first is before the training, the second is after the training.


There are no evidently changes in control group after training. In experimental group 1,2 the content of GSH-PX, SOD and general anti-oxide ability have significantly improvement when compared with the content of before training and the control group. The content of MDA has improvement too, but has no statistical meaning. When compared between experimental groups 1,2, the content of GSH-PX, SOD, MDA and general anti-oxide ability have the increasing tendency related to the different restrictive level of blood flow. In experimental group 3, the content of MDA has evidently improvement compared with other groups. Other data have no evidently improvement.


Burthen trains of restrictive the volume of muscle blood flow could improve the level of anti-oxide enzyme in blood, reduce the oxygen free radical reaction, improve muscle anti-oxide capacity. Burthen trains of restrictive the volume of muscle blood flow could improve the anti-oxide enzyme level in body, but its fact effect could be seen in a special range. The fact of training of restrictive blood flow is one kind of ischemic hypoxemic stimulation. Burthen trains of restrictive the volume of muscle blood flow may have a threshold value. Skeletal muscle have an active adaptation for the stimulation when the blood flow restrictive level is hold under the threshold value. Otherwise, the skeletal muscle will have the irreversible injury.


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