The Hpls Contemplative Perspective: Mindfulness Through Sport, Science And Recreation

Por: Carl R. Cramer.

IV Congreso Latinoamericano de Estudios Socioculturales Del Deporte - ALESDE

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In the School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences at Barry University, transformational moments are encouraged by our vision and mission for students to actualize their almost limitless potential. We open their minds to through contemplation of rightness of behavior and desire to be mindful of the need for an embracing of real values to identify who and whose they are and to become what they will. To assess school and university mission engagement, students responded to five questions: 1. How have we led you to an opening of the mind?; 2. How have we led you to a contemplation of the rightness of behavior?; 3. How have we led you to a desire to be mindful of the need to embrace real values in your life?; 4. How have we led you to establish your true identity as a human person?; 5. How have we led you to reach fulfillment? Responses to these five questions demonstrated how students have been led to mindfulness through coursework, through participation on athletic teams and/or through intramural sports. Responses demonstrated the students’ level of mindfulness thereby giving evidence for school administration program planning for student mission engagement activities.

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