The importance and value of dance as art in education

Por: Eleni Tsompanaki e Theodora Tsompanaki.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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This thesis seeks to emphasis on dance through education and thereby to stress the need to promote teachers’ awareness to respond to children’s need for a multifunctional cultivation of personality through qualitative interpersonal communication.
Dance as art can lead children to actions and to participation that provokes creativity, imagination, critical and analytical awareness and intuition. This happens in a way that highlights problem-solving and decision-making methods and skills leading to multiple ways of expressing thoughts and emotions. That can result in communication, the acceptance of difference and opposition an ultimately to co-operation and harmony.
It should be duly noted, that dance in education and curriculum, can very much be the result of aesthetic cultivation. The only way to achieve that, is through letting the art of dance enter the world of education.




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