The influence of current chinese taipei alternative military service of sports policy toward sports

Por: Che-hong Lin, Chen-ying Wu e Yui-jui Li.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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In Chinese Taipei, the Alternative Military Service of Sports (ASMS) is a new military policy in Chinese Taipei. In order to integrate Chinese Taipei’s military service into athlete cultivation system, Chinese Taipei’s government has been instituting ASMS since 2002. ASMS is also a brand-new military service system around Asia. The purpose of this study is to analyze the current alternative military service of sports policy and the influence on the sports development in Chinese Taipei.


The study is utilized document analysis method to dissect publications published by Chinese Taipei’s (central) government and related scholars. Besides, interviews also have been adopted from related policy makers and executives.


The major findings of this study were as follows: (1) The ASMS of sports favored for Chinese Taipei’s Sports development; including, sports for all and illustrious sports. (2) The ASMS is good for Chinese Taipei outstanding (illustrious) athletes’ cultivation and lifetime plan. (3) It links up the policies with the diverse cultivation systems of athletes between military sports and empphasized events in Chinese Taipei. (4) The promotion of the ASMS continues being the advancement of military sports.

Discussion / Conclusions

The results of this study indicated that ASMS has been integrating Chinese Taipei sports human resources [1]; furthermore, ASMS has become the cornerstone of training Chinese Taipei Olympic teams [2]. In addition to all of the above, ASMS is not only bringing sports and military service together smoothly, but also setting up a pattern to contribute to Chinese Taipei sports and Olympic movement development. The researchers expect that these explorations will provied some critical ideas to prospective athletes, leaders, and administrators in the academic field and government’s institutions in the future.


[1]. The Ministry of Interior of Executive Yuan of the Republic of China. (1999). The Plan of Alternative Military Service. Taipei, The Ministry of interior of Executive Yuan of the Republic of China.
[2]. National council on Physical Fitness and Sports of Executive Yuan of the Republic of China. (2002). The Development Plan of National sports. Taipei, National council on Physical Fitness and Sports of Executive Yuan of the Republic of China.



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