The Ioc Geopolitics In South America, 1896-1936

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Journal of Olympic History - v.10 - n.3 - 2002

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In 1990, speaking in the opening session of the ‘Sport... The Third Millenium’ International Symposium - Québec, John MacAloon advised that, in the future, Olympic leaders and scholars would have to give a higher priority to both diplomacy and mutual respect when international sport relationships were involved.1 Although MacAloon’s focus referred to present-days, it is important to point out that Pierre de Coubertin, back in 1911, had already proposed a “gé ographie sportive qui peut differer parfois d’avec la gé ographie politique” . In more precise terms, Coubertin’s sport geography was contextualized in the ‘all games, all nations’ doctrine, in which sports practiced by different cultures prevail over national boundaries.

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