The new development of chinese mass sports in the 21st century

Por: Ling-hua Ran e Yu-pu Tian.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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In the 21st century, with the economic development and living level improving, the mass sport in china has a little change. The paper mainly reviewed this development and change from its quantity and especially from its quality for recent years.


With contrasting and analyzing the status of Chinese mass sports from 1996 to 2001, combining the survey data from 6 cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, the paper compared the common and the difference among them, and summarized the change trends.


1.Though the population of physical education in china above 16 years old has reached 18.3%, which is still the weakness tache for Chinese mass sport.2. Though the old population of physical education is 53.1%, there is a trend for young and the middle person take part in more. 3. 13.2% people took part in physical education for the aim of medical treatment, but the excise motivation is inclined to the trends of several aspects such as sociality, recreation and amusement. 4.Though 8.8% people have consumed in non-practicality, it is a new trend to arrangement for the sport consume.5.Thouth there were many people enjoying the athletics events, it is a trend to be lie fallow and choosing "soft sports".6. Though many people took part in exercise for once a day in the morning, it is a trend for many people exercising at double rest day, daytime and dusk. 7. Though only 34.7% people exercised in spontaneous organization, the mutual management for the mass sports is strengthening steadily.

Discussion and conclusions

1.Though the Chinese mass sports has developed very rapidly no matter in the quantity and the quality the recent years, it is still of the evident features of the developing the new century, the Chinese mass sports has present the tendency of internationalization, which indicate that the Chinese mass sports will enter a new historical developing periods.


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