The Olympic Game Traditional Arrange In Orders The Irregularity With The Research That Latest Arrange In Order

Por: Hu Xu e Juanli Wei.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Compete in the Olympic game, two the event of square and opposite anti-s, occupy very big specific weight, on arrange
in order the method, in spite of round-robin tournament and elimination tournament all could not complete the fair
competition, main irregularity :At meet a bye team can appear to die ,with the strong humiliates weak, strong brigade
over meet early, and easily appear the "false ball ";Can’t will the row for competition containing regulation of the strong
brigade at segment of empress period; At elimination tournament reduce the opportunity of the strong brigade taking the
game, can’t as soon as possible eject each brigade the position etc.

Investigate the method, alignment to combine the method, experiment method.

Through the experiment and research, release two latest methods now.
1 the new method of round-robin tournament : Then 7,8 brigades are an example, described in table 1.

2the new method replace to
elimination tournament :With the odd numbers 11 brigades are examples(the 1992 is already will 2 Of square 8 brigades
and 12 brigades of few brigades of squares are in the Shann’xi《athletics world the 》displayed) ,
described in table 2.

Above various methods released, can not only make upping the current Olympics the irregularity of arrange in order in
the finals stage such as just ascend and descend the method with latest extreme limit cent the set arrange in order the
method, can win benefit at making the finals stage admission ticket, television transmission...etc. to increase to accept

[1] Near news report for part of items of Olympic games arrange in ordering the method way.

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