The present condition and counterplot research of chinese athletics sport level

Por: Li Zhuqing.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Acquires the excellent score on the Olympic games is one of the concern’s problems of an all countries athletics, and how to quickly increase the Chinese athletics level, This is we are most for one of the concern’s problems.


This Article uses the method of the cultural heritage data, the method of Questionnaire inquisition and Theories analysis, Analyze present condition of the athletics sport level of our country with the all new angle and difference with the level of world, Find out the counterplot and quick increase Chinese athletics level


Our research to think: we must in deep comprehend the item’s innate character characteristic of training, and brave Creative, brave investigate, and set up the training of right establishment guide thought and science training; The experience of foreign country study wants to join together the state of the nation of China with the athlete’s oneself characteristics, In keeping with Native circumstance, teach according to his ability, Establishing the science training system of the China special features; The coacher is wanted to continuously increase the level of own science culture, and continuously Summary and investigate in the fulfillment, and Establish the oneself the special training Thought, and make a concerted effort with Science researcher, then increase the training result. In the counterplan aspect, China should develop the now’s advantage item, Enhance the educating of right young contestant. The training wants to have to run before the consciousness, and want the coacher of the reunite the type talented person, and enhance the strategy study and the research with system reforming of Chinese athletics; Completely pay attention to the oneself instauration, the recovering method of the physics and Chemistry, enlargement the researching with chemistry, with biochemistry, medical science, dietetics... etc, scoop out the Chinese medicine to use for training, increase the Chinese athletics level. but our resolute objection usage illegal act the medicine. Has to like this we can sooner increase the our country the athletics level, and obtain the excellent score on the Olympic game of the 2008.

Discussion / Conclusions

The advantage item of the Chinese athletics is a long-distance run in woman, walkrun, hurld and three long jump. Brave to Creative and research, Coacher and researcher do the best to cooperate,and form the researching group to develop the collective effort with the intelligent wisdom and ability.


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